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AUG 2013

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block's specific microclimate. It also included the development of a revolutionary inground planter design, which combines a series of 35'x8'x5' below-grade root zones with porous paving, predicted to significantly increase the lifespan and growth capacity for street trees in urban environments. 14th Street is now one of the country's most sustainable streets. (a recent seedless cultivar), Princeton Sentry ginkgos, Turkish filberts, Schumard oak, and State Street Maples were newer varieties of trees added in response to the street's microclimates. studioINSITE also suggested denser spacing of trees due to the expanded root zone areas designed for the street. On 14th Street, trees are spaced as close as 20 feet on center rather than the previous 35-foot spacing, establishing a more inviting pedestrian experience and reducing the urban heat island effect. The city now celebrates 14th Street as Denver's new urban park. Denver is a challenging environment in which to promote a healthy, thriving landscape. Species diversity was one of the primary goals of the tree planting design, which was also crafted in close coordination with Denver's Forestry and Parks & Recreation Departments. Paving Challenges Three varieties of elms were specified (Triumph, Regal, and Central Park Splendor). The Espresso variety of Kentuckycoffeetree Middle & Right Wider sidewalks (19 feet) allowed room for café patios, trees like "Shademaster" honeylocust and Cleveland maples, granite planters and custom planter pots. In-grade LEDs (Lightwild), pole-mounted accent lighting, overhead streetlights, sandblasted hardscapes and brick paving suspended over continuous tree root troughs are just some of the "premium" zone design elements. The design required extraordinary research, testing, and selection of hardscape paving materials. Sand-set permeable pavers were installed over the new grating, which is August 2013 41

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