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APR 2017

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18 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Gone from the Landscape The natural rock arch called the "Azure Window" that frames the Mediterranean has long been a tourist destination on the island of Malta. While it's prohibited to walk on the arch, many people added this little adventure to their bucket list. Nature, as she frequently does, has the last say. A March 8, 2017 storm collapsed the iconic arch into the sea in dramatic fashion, bringing to mind the words of Shelley's "Ozymandias": "Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away." Pine Hall Brick Rebrands Pine Hall B r i c k C o m p a n y of Winston- Salem, N.C., founded in 1922 and family-owned, is "reintroducing itself" with a new logo, a new mobile-friendly website and a focus on the benefits of brick construction in today's marketplace. The new logo has an updated version of the company's signature basket-weave brick pattern, with a modern typestyle for the company name and the tagline, "Build Your Dreams." The website ( ) focuses on the idea that brick is better and shows why in a slideshow. Visitors can learn about brick construction, review products—from face brick to conventional pavers to StormPave permeable pavers— and find the nearest locations to purchase the products. Living Landscape Laboratory Goes with Permeable Pavement The Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) selected Porous Pave XL as the permeable paving material for the handicap parking pad and accessible walkway at their new facility in Dennis, Mass. The permeable pavement is part of the Living Landscape Laboratory, APCC's outdoor showcase of green building and sustainable landscape solutions, which also includes a rain garden and native plants replacing sections of grass. "We are transforming a 130-year-old house and barn into our new headquarters and educational facility and creating a Living Landscape Laboratory," explained Kristin Andres, director of education and outreach for the APCC. Theresa Sprague, owner of BlueFlax Design of Harwich, Mass., the project's landscape designer, said the paving's cost, slip-resistance, durability and ease to maintain and keep clean were all reasons for installing it. Heavyweight Retaining Wall V E R S A - L O K Retaining Walls S y s t e m s h a s introduced the Bronco II segmental retaining wall whose units have 6 square feet of face area, a 3.2° batter and weigh from 1,220 to 3,215 pounds (or 1,450 to 3,820 with cores filled). Alignment knobs molded into the top of the units, and channels molded into the bottom ensure correct near-vertical positioning and allow for tight joints with variable-bond construction. These units can be used to build walls up to 15 feet tall without soil reinforcement, but accommodate geogrids for taller walls. h a rd s c a p e n e w s Below & Right: The 2-inch thick permeable paving, half recycled rubber chips (1/8-1/4" black and 1/4-3/8" grey) and half kiln-dried aggregate with a moisture-cured liquid binder, was mixed on site and poured directly on an 8-10-inch base of clean angular drain rock.

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