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APR 2017

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Left: There are 8-watt shallow profile linear LED strip fixtures in the guardrails (left) and 4.5-watt 'Lightrail' LEDs in the stainless steel handrails. PHOTO: MATT CARBONE Middle: Bordering the Riverfront Park green and pathway are 48' Valmont poles with 3 151-watt LED full cut-off floodlights near the top of the poles, and bracket-mounted 57-watt pedestrian luminaire at the 14' 8" mark (inset). This lower luminaire is activated by the movement of people. The facades of the walls are illuminating by 29-watt ingrade LEDs. PHOTO: MATT CARBONE Right: The park's plaza has 57-watt LED luminaires on 16' Valmont light poles (luminaire is at a 14' 8" height) with integral motion sensors. Some have CCTV cameras. Most luminaires are photocell-activated and timeclock-deactivated in response to the park curfew; some dim to low after hours. The "armless" pole lighting is the 8' 'Eclipse' (Luminis) LED. The entry sign (right) has surface mounted LED luminaire, 8 watts per linear foot. PHOTO: DOMINGO GONZALES April 2017 33 The Cumberland River flows west 688 miles from its source in the Appalachian Mountains in southeastern Kentucky, dipping down in north-central Tennessee, passing through Nashville and Clarksville . . .

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