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AUG 2017

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smoothly transition to the street, which can be closed for larger special events, such as a farmer's market, art festivals and concerts, to maximize the adaptability of the space. The Grove is an intimate space with dappled shade, surrounded by outdoor dining terraces and anchored by the largest public fireplace in the region. Custom-designed by LandDesign, the unique 60-foot fire wall has a sculptural feel that invites guests to enjoy its warmth and glow in colder months with integrated lighting elements that extend its place-making function in the summer months. It is broken into three 20' long segments, each with a central burner sheathed in glass and steel. The sensory experience is enhanced by the textures of the stone and metal base materials. The Esplanade is an open space designed to be enjoyed in all seasons, and features an expansive lawn and interactive water feature with animated effects that periodically change for the celebration of various holidays. This gathering space was designed with the infrastructure necessary for a seasonal ice rink to extend its true placemaking charm year-round. The Town Center's iconic landmark is a wooden pavilion at the corner of the Esplanade. It was designed to serve as informal seating or a concert stage, allowing for a wide variety of community activities such as movie nights and yoga classes. The pavilion is internally illuminated at night with custom designed backlit elements and cut-out metal accents that are replicated in the design of the Grove's Above: The region's largest public fireplace is divided into three 20' long sections. Etched glass and weather steel enclose the linear burner element. Masonry benches on either side of each segment invite visitors to sit and enjoy the warmth. Bottom: The main plaza area is divided into two halves, separated by a tabletop segment of street that can be blocked off to vehicular traffic for special events. The lawn is artificial turf. August 2017 31

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