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AUG 2017

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42 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Taking into consideration CDOT's proposed infrastructure improvements, the town's history, character and present brand and numerous sustainability challenges, the medians and roundabouts reflect the Breckenridge way of life with an arrival experience that changes with the seasons. The design elements mimic the movement of local recreational activities, such as skiing, snowboarding and hiking, while incorporating design elements present in Breckenridge's historic mining district. Parabolic lines of hardscape and colorful annuals hug the medians and enclose the roundabouts during the warm summer months. When the temperature drops, evergreens and large boulders peek out from beneath blankets of white. Compelling concrete patterns maintain a sense of movement. The bowing berms of hand-stacked stonewalls ease into vertical banner poles, offering flowering baskets or colorful banners, depending on the season. The variety of textures and depth visually available at eye level mirror the tree lines, bursting with glades of vegetation and sloping mountain contours visible in the distance. Coasting down this meandering tract progressively intensifies as the stone carves a sinuous line, precisely meeting the cant of vertical elements. As the BMR project area is at an elevation of nearly 10,000 feet above sea level it presented some unique factors to consider during the concept and design work. The extreme climate changes throughout the year limit the sustainable plant palette. Under these environmental confines, Norris Design proposed a design Above: Colorado blue spruce trees are atop the roundabout, with narrowleaf cottonwoods in the lower tier. The sandstone "beams" that form the roundabout's retaining walls are from the Oklahoma quarry of Pine's Stone Co., of Carbondale, Colo. DB8 decorative lighting poles are used to support the hanging baskets. The concrete is pigmented with Davis Colors. Left: Bright pink Mexican asters bring the median to life. Banner poles offer flowering baskets or colorful banners depending on the season. PHOTOS: J BIRKEY Continued on page 44

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