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AUG 2017

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44 Landscape Architect and Specifier News for this year-round intense climate that could handle the harsh conditions and still shine. The existing infrastructure also brought challenges, as the project is in a high-traffic area with extremely limited horizontal space. The planning team considered the need for a functional design that spanned the most popular and profitable seasons in the town. The concept, design and elemental function transform smoothly from winter to summer to fall. Colorful annuals, sprouted in greenhouses, populate the BMR during the short summer months against a background of towering evergreens. Irrigation and fertigation systems are installed to bolster growth of annuals and minimize the need to send maintenance crews into dangerous work environments. In the colder months, there are bursts of visual focus in colorful banners hovering high above the same graceful evergreens, now adorned with seasonal lighting and layers of powdery snow. All banner poles installed in the project area have breakaway features to lessen the impact of a potential collision. The landscape architects included a raised vertical splashguard at 18 inches tall across the project area to protect plant life from dangerous chemicals, such as magnesium chloride, carried by passing vehicles. Snowplow delineators are installed to protect the project area during the winter. As the medians are no more than 10-15 feet wide, Norris Design used vertical elements: hand-stacked rock walls, textured splashguard barriers, banner poles and trees. Longer serpentine patterns and textures were placed along the more rapid traffic areas; more intense patterns and textures went to the slower traffic areas. Norris Design has achieved a sustainable, stunning, welcoming streetscape design for Breckenridge. Team La ndscape Architect: Norris Design, Frisco, Colo.: Elena Scott, Megan Testin, Lindsay Newman, Mike Copeland, Dave Jenkins, Jordan Dame, Chris Bates Columbine Hills Concrete 2 V's Landscaping and Irrigation Designing a landscape no more than 10 to 15 feet wide and at nearly a 10,000 foot elevation offers some challenges. Norris Design added height to the median with hand-stacked rock walls, textured splashguard barriers, banner poles and trees. The annuals planted in Breckenridge's short summer are sprouted in greenhouses (see plant collage). Irrigation ('Rain Master Eagle Plus' controller by Irritrol) and fertigation minimize the need to send maintenance crews into this dangerous space. PHOTO: J BIRKEY Breckenridge Continued from page 42 African daisy Argryranthemum 'Elsa' Globe amaranth 'Fireworks' Salvia 'Black and Blue' 'Wave Purple Improved' petunia Alyssum 'Easter Bonnet Lemonade' Nemesia 'Angelart Orange'

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