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AUG 2017

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54 Landscape Architect and Specifier News South Park Streetscape The site of the South Park streetscape was built by the South Group Development as part of their forward-thinking and eco- driven portfolio of work being built along the West Coast. From master plan to completion, AHBE designed the streetscape, common open space areas and residential amenity decks of three mixed-use LEED Gold certified buildings: Evo, Luma and Elleven. AHBE's design resulted in the first Green Street for downtown Los Angeles and an open space solution for promoting neighborhood interaction. With the ultimate goal of creating a new sense of community, AHBE's streetscape design wraps around the block to encourage pedestrian activity around the area. The streetscape leaves space for outdoor seating for sidewalk cafes, and shaded benches to encourage lingering. Prioritizing pedestrian safety, AHBE included curb extensions, pedestrian lighting and crosswalks to increase pedestrian safety. The streetscape design features planters specifically designed for stormwater infiltration and to handle a "10-year" rainstorm. During a storm, rainwater flowing from the street into the gutters is diverted into the infiltration planters via cuts in the curb, and percolates back into the ground. This system minimizes the amount of stormwater run-off into the city's system, cleans the water through a natural process and recharges the region's aquifers. AHBE's open space design further reinforced the sense of community by creating several open space areas for the residents of the buildings. Each high-rise building includes an open courtyard space. Between the Evo and Luma buildings is a courtyard area that is open to the public during daylight hours. A rooftop outdoor living/seating/eating/cooking area is accessible to the residents of the Luma, Elleven and Evo buildings and features a pool deck and sky patio. The design of the streetscape and open spaces of the South Park project exemplifies the transformative effect that green building and landscape design can have on potentially static urban areas. The South Park streetscape planters were specifically designed to infiltrate a "10-year" rainstorm. The sidewalk drains to the central planters. Rainwater flowing from the street into the gutters is also diverted into the infiltration planters via cuts in the curb. Continued on page 56

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