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LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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102 Landscape Architect and Specifier News I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 5 7 4 Bangalore Scientists Seed Bombing with Drones to Plant a Forest On June 5, "World Environment Day," Bangalore, India scientists at the Department of Aerodynamics, the Dr. H. N. Science Centre, and the Department of Forests began a drone- seeding trial on the banks of the Pinakini River. The scientists hope to seed 10,000 acres, and plan to seed every year for three consecutive years. The camera-equipped drones allow the scientists to precisely drop the seeds where they want, to geotag those areas for future reseedings and to monitor the progress of their efforts. Volcanoes under Ice Researchers from the University of Edinburgh https://tinyurl. com/ydc2yywz have identified 138 volcanoes widely distributed throughout the deep basins of West Antarctica, 91 of which had not previously been identified. The "new" volcanoes are concentrated along the 3000 km central axis of the West Antarctic Rift, and are all under the ice shelf. Nonmobility in Mobile World According the U.S. Census Bureau, the overall mobility of the U.S. population is at its lowest level since measurements were first taken at the end of World War II, falling by almost half since its most recent peak in 1985. FCC Retooling Rural Broadband Funding The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says it is revamping its two broadband access subsidy programs to better direct and effectively use those funds in the coming decade. The two programs are the Mobility Fund ($4.5 billion to distribute), and the Connect America Fund ($2 billion to distribute). The FCC reports 97% of U.S. urban areas can access high-speed broadband, but in rural areas that access is 65%, and 60% on tribal lands. Free Digital Archive SA free digital archive (Europeana Collections www.europeana. eu/portal/en ) of over 3,000 European cultural institutions (including 48 European national libraries) and aggregators in now available. That's more than 50 million pieces of data. The Europeana Photography collection ( https://tinyurl. com/y8hf9p8d ) alone has over 2 million photographs. Other collections include music, art, fashion, sport, natural history, maps and geography. More than 3 million of the archives are openly licensed and many of the images are available in high resolution.

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