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September 2017 49 Above: The park has two zip lines ('ZipKrooz') placed side-by- side. The rider just sits in one of the comfortable bucket seats, which is suspended by a rubber- wrapped chain. A 4-wheel trolley smoothly glides the rider to the end and back again without any physical exertion by the rider. Middle & Top Right: It's not every day a kid can ride a triceratops. This marvelously detailed GRFC dino by Themed Concepts functions as a climber and has a slide off the back end. It's more conventionally accessed by a second level platform that also takes you under the volcano and to the Treehouse/Jurassic Fort and its tube slides. 'Sway Fun', dueling zip lines, expression swing, basket swing, a large GFRC dinosaur slide, dinosaur climbers, a horizontal roller slide, outdoor musical equipment and dual stainless steel slides. The playground surfacing was provided by Nottsport and includes a synthetic surfacing called 'SurfacePlay', a carpet-like product top dressed with sand that the city had successfully used on a previous project. This surfacing allowed creative patterns to be incorporated onto the playground, adding another level of detail to the design. This surfacing also stays much cooler during the hot summer months when compared to some of the other products the city has traditionally used. Poured-in-place concrete raised planters are included throughout the playground to introduce vegetation and natural shade into the playground. The raised planters also provide a multitude of seating opportunities for park visitors. The prominent three-story high volcano serves as a shade structure and gathering area that has murals and interpretive information within. The volcano serves as a center point for the park and includes several sound and sensory elements: fog machines and an acoustic sound system that replicate an active volcano, which erupts on a regular schedule. Within the volcano are a series of accessible ramps leading to an elevated Jurassic themed fort/play structure that overlooks the park. The Jurassic Fort provides safe elevated

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