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56 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Team Owner/Developer: Carmel Parks and Recreation Architect: Schneider Corp. / Michael Krosschell, RLA Sales Consultant: Countryside Play Structures / Tiffany Polzin, CPSI & Cap Boso Playground Equipment Manufacturer: Landscape Structures Inc. Shade Manufacturer: Poligon Engineer: DB Engineering Contractor: Patterson Horth Equipment Installer: Countryside Play Structures Above: The Evos® (Landscape Structures) is designed for kids ages 5 to 12. This configuration motivates children to navigate over, under and through net climbers, bridges and more. Left: This Weevos® was included in the playground design to provide a specific play space for children ages 2 to 5. The structure is composed of 3 ½" diameter ground-to-ground steel arches joined together by powdercoated cast aluminum ball clamps. A functional overflow weir catches rainwater and spray park run off for the purpose of treating and cleaning the water prior to discharging into the lagoon. A separate dry detention and bioswale treatment area runoff from the parking lot. This project blends well with the rest of Central Park and the surrounding neighborhoods. The placement and design of the park features enforce the preeminence of the natural environment while providing many educational opportunities for the user, particularly with the use of the alternate stormwater treatment methods and the up‐close interaction with nature the park allows. The West Commons phase completes Carmel/Clay Parks' vision for Central Park. Since its opening in September of 2016, it has proven to be a great amenity for Carmel and Clay Township residents.

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