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September 2017 69 Mountain View's Mariposa Park is now a habitat for the monarch butterfly. Monarch populations have steadily decreased by nearly 90% over the last 25 years particularly from deforestation in Mexico, along with corn and soybean genetic engineering, which has increased the use of herbicides, wiping out thousands of acres of milkweed breeding habitat. Monarchs migrate from southern Canada and the U.S. in autumn to central Mexico, and make the return trip in March. While not all monarchs migrate, the eastern monarch population can fly 4,830 miles to overwintering in Mexico. The migration takes place over several years, with the butterflies stopping at feeding and breeding areas. The butterflies like to hibernate in oyamel fir trees in Mexico, and eucalyptus trees in California. As their lifespan is only 6-8 months, the monarchs that return to a particular habitat are the grandchildren or great grandchildren from the previous generations. This location memory is passed on to succeeding generations via their genetic code. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department is currently reviewing the possibility of listing the monarch as an endangered species. Team Client: City of Mountain View, Calif. Landscape Architect: Robert Mowat Associates, San Francisco, and Napa Valley. Designers: Robert Mowat, John Dalrymple, Bob Kagiyama and Anne Marie Starr Civil Engineer: Mark Thomas & Co. Contractor: Star Construction Board Images/Verbiage: Nick Perry Butterfly Board Images/Verbiage: Robert Mowat, John Dalrymple Benches: Victor Stanley Inc. Bricks: McNear Bricks Play Structures: Landscape Structures; Little Tikes Play Equipment Play Structure Graphics: Robert Mowat Associates Precast Pieces: Quick Crete Products Corp. Signage: NVO Industries Trash Bin Graphics: Robert Mowat Associates

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