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Children can also play an electronic, memory-style healthy eating game attached to the digestive tract. One can walk inside the skull and learn about the frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes, the cerebellum and the brainstem. There are also informative displays about heart health and the harms of smoking. Kids can play a game of active "Simon Says," while learning about the larynx. There's even education about that most basic human biological function that is usually avoided: pooping. The "all-bout poop" panel includes a passing gas sound effect, which, as we all know, never ceases to entertain kids and adults alike. The designers say the exhibit really "spills the guts" on the human body from head to toe, offering up unique lessons to young, impressionable minds. St. Louis is near the bottom in several pediatric rankings, including asthma, diabetes and obesity. Anonymous surveys for museum visitors will be used to collect data about local kids' dietary and exercise habits. 72 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Left: In addition to the "interactive giant dude," there are dozens of interactive displays about health, including showing kids the effects of smoking on the lungs and other organs, and how to keep the heart healthy. Top, Left: The educational play exhibit at the HealthWorks! Kids' Museum in St. Louis, Mo., let's kids learn about human anatomy, inside and out. Top, Right: The "scoop on poop" details such statistics as the poundage one produces in a lifetime (14,000 pounds), an elephant's daily tally (300 lbs.) and the physics of floating feces (high gas content). Left: Kids learn via the interactive Adam's "apple" that the laryngeal prominence is cartilage that protects the vocal chords.

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