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NOV 2017

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Continued on page 16 14 Landscape Architect and Specifier News h a rd s c a p e s In 1692, nineteen people wrongly accused of witchcraft were infamously hung in Salem, Massachusetts. (Another five died while imprisoned and one was pressed to death by stones.) Nearly three hundred and twenty-five years after the Salem Witch Trials, researchers in the city of Salem confirmed the exact location where the hangings took place. City officials contacted Martha Lyon Landscape Architecture to design a memorial to the 19 victims. "It seemed like an interesting thing to do so I said yes," said Martha Lyon. "This project is located in what was the outskirts of Salem back in 1692, but now it's in a residential neighborhood," Lyon continued. "A lot of the residents were very concerned about what was going to happen when this memorial was built." To assuage those concerns, several outreach meetings were held so the public could weigh in on what they thought should be done to memorialize the hangings. Lyon stated it took about six months for that process and to get the blessing of the public to move forward. "I think the neighbors really came around and they saw the improvements that we made to this little pocket park," said Lyon. Following a survey of the site, Lyon developed different concepts to present to a committee. "I tried to get people a range of possibilities to show them what could be done," Lyon explained. "The problem with the site was that the interior is not accessible per ADA codes, so I had to really work with locations around the perimeter." In the end, the committee chose the final site and design she presented. "It was the most accessible and it was also the precise location we believe the event took place," she said. The by Alli Rael, LASN Designing the Proctor's Ledge Memorial Salem, Massachusetts, made headlines in early 2016 when researchers confirmed the site where the Salem Witch Trial victims were hung. The site, Proctor's Ledge, was memorialized during the 325th anniversary year of the hangings with a plaza designed by Martha Lyon Landscape Architecture. The memorial recalls design elements of other memorials throughout the city, such as the use of stone walls and including the victims' names. Martha Lyon, the project landscape architect, wanted to create a simple but powerful place of remembrance for the 19 victims hung at Proctor's Ledge in 1692. "Simple, but powerful . . . with some of the vocabulary used in the other commemorative sites in Salem." — Martha Lyon

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