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NOV 2017

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who provided valuable insight on "snow country" design challenges, such as a snow shed from the metal roof to the patio below. New gutters and downspouts were an outcome of this collaboration. Design concepts were presented to the owners, not only in plan view sketches but with 3D imaging to give a true representation of the concept. The landscape architect was also instrumental in budget review and contractor selection. Regular construction meetings throughout the construction allowed the landscape architect to review and approve the hardscape layout, plant selection and placement of the numerous boulders. The owner's desire to have a landscape like no other allowed for custom features like stone slabs quarried in Oklahoma used for steps down to the hot tub and sunken garden. These colorful slabs, up to 8 inches thick, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, were set in place by crane. A local Steamboat Springs metal fabricator crafted a steel handrail resembling tree branches to add to the custom look of the landscape. Experienced hardscape craftsman took special care to precisely cut and fit pavers around boulders, the spa, steps and the fire pit. These design details and construction implementation exemplify the high quality desired by the owner. An owner willing to collaborate, a construction team with a high degree of professionalism and local experience and creativity and oversight by the landscape architect throughout the process has created this Rocky Mountain paradise. Above: The bronze elk sculpture in the circular drive is highlighted by solar lights set in the colored concrete border. Top, Right: A recirculating stream brings sound and tranquility to the entry and secret garden. A biofilter at the top of the pool, along with wetland plants, clean the water to a high degree of clarity. Bottom, Right: The upper reach of the entry garden has a meandering pathway and pathway lighting. Middle: The home is set within an alpine landscape of large specimen spruce, pine and aspens, with wild mountain rose dominating the understory canopy. This is a view of the entry garden. 58 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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