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NOV 2017

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68 Landscape Architect and Specifier News The gardens adjacent to the pool terrace are of two styles. The traditional garden is a meandering lawn with mass perennial plantings and mature evergreen trees specifically selected and sited to encourage views towards garden follies. The landscape architect selected more than 200 trees and ornamentals for the estate in local nurseries and sited them for the owner. The native garden has been a work in progress for the past four years. The landscape architect sited plant locations for over 5,000 grass and forb plugs. The owner understood that the prairie would not be established overnight; he was very patient and now considers this garden to be his favorite. Role of the Landscape Architect The landscape architect was responsible for concept designs through construction drawings. Permitting and zoning was complex and required almost a year to complete. The LA coordinated designs with structural, electrical, geotechnical and architectural consultants, and also interviewed general contractors with the owner and assisted with contract negotiations. The landscape architect also sited every tree, shrub and perennial and approved irrigation piping and valve placements. Construction for the pool, terrace and main gardens took 2 years to complete. The native garden has been a work in progress and is moving towards 4 years of planting, maintenance and additions. The landscape architect worked on a daily basis with half a dozen trades to ensure a smooth coordination effort, and continues to serve as the property manager, designing seasonal displays, coordinating replacement plantings and experimenting with new prairie plantings for the native garden. Project Team Landscape Architect, designer: Lawrence Dziurdzik, Exterior Spaces for Extraordinary Living Architect: LA Design Inc., Randolph Liebelt Civil Engineer: Cross Engineering, Inc., Steve Cross General Contractor: Woodridge Deck & Gazebo Co., Eric Hoffman Pool Contractor: Downes Swimming Pool, Jim Maddin Native Plant Consultant: McGinty Brothers, Brian Wilson Iron Work: Iron Impressions, Bon Dronjak Product List: Terrace: Eden Valders Stone: 'Buff' sandblasted custom planks Landscape Lighting: Alliance Outdoor Lighting Furniture: McKinnon and Harris and Henry Hall Designs A Japanese maple decorates the gated entrance to the upper terrace. Chicago Continued from page 50 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 6 6 5

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