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JUL 2018

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A total replacement of the fountains' electrical and plumbing infrastructure was exchanged with 21st Century systems that allowed the fountains to run more efficiently and for a longer period of time during the year. A total of 1,399 new energy-efficient LEDs, 1,024 in color and 375 in white, replaced the outdated 724 holophane incandescent lights. This upgrade allows the water choreography to take on a limitless range of colors. The Landscape Architect's Role Claire Agre from West 8, a landscape architectural firm with locations in Belgium, New York, and the Netherlands, was the senior landscape architect for the project. She and her company were tasked with creating Longwood Garden's first ever master plan with the focus of ensuring 40 years of vitality for the Gardens. This included designing the facilities, ecological site amenities, gardens and all the pathways. At the site, the staff at West 8 were sub-consultants to the architectural company Beyer Blinder Belle and coordinated the circulation and connections for the 1,000-acre property. West 8 also designed all of the landscape amenities including: plantings, pathways, new walls, new furniture and new site elements. "The thing that has been the most gratifying has been the cultural shift we were able to bring to the Gardens" said Agre. "When we started, there was very poor connectivity. There were no good pathways, no benches, it did not meet ADA… we really changed that." Above: Another state- of-the-art fountain feature incorporated as a result of the revitalization project is known as the "Basketweave Nozzle." For each fountain of this type, there are 40 small streams angled to create a circular sheaf of wheat effect. A total of 30 basketweave fountains were added. July 2018 31

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