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JUL 2018

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Increasing the Visitor's Experience Because Pierre du Pont wanted visitors to discover new areas and explore the Gardens with curiosity as their guide, a plethora of new areas were added to the Gardens to honor the spirit of the original design. Visitor accessibility was improved with 5,700' of new paths and walkways, stairs on the East and West sides of the Gardens and a new elevator for the Fountain Overlook. Longwood's Executive Director Paul B. Redman stated, "We are preserving Mr. du Pont's legacy and adding to it through beautiful new plantings, the creation of new spaces in which to relax and reflect, and improved accessibility so guests can walk freely among the fountains." New areas added to the Gardens comprise of: a trellis bridge connecting to the Fountain Terrace, allowing guests to look out over the surrounding gardens; the reopening of the south Above: Originally, the tallest fountain propelled water 130 feet in the air – a pretty impressive feat considering it was designed and built in the early 1900s. After the revitalization project, the tallest jet that is used in the grand finale of the fountain show can send water soaring 175 feet in the sky. Left: A total number of 4,457 original pieces of Italian and Indiana limestone, as well as 61 marble and serpentine stone pieces, were meticulously and individually restored by hand – a process that took 27,304 hours to complete. Eight hundred and fifty five new limestone pieces were created in order to replace those beyond repair. Altogether, the Gardens now feature 5,373 pieces of restored or replaced stone. 32 Landscape Architect and Specifier News before after

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