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JUL 2018

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wall of Longwood Gardens after 20 years of being closed to the public; a new café-style seating zone for 80 people that was added out front of the now, museum-style pump house, creating the "Pump House Plaza," and a pump house lobby inside. New seating areas with tables and chairs have been added throughout the grounds. And, of course, a whole swath of enhanced landscaping features, like increased number of plantings, new allées and enhanced horticultural displays. Perhaps one of the most ethereal and unique new additions to Longwood Gardens is the Grotto. Entering from passageways on either side of the loggia will take the visitor to a cavern-esque central hall that houses an astounding circular water curtain and oculus that allows natural light to enter the space. There are four water features inside and bench seating for 15 people. The rock wall found within is comprised of 20 tons of Avondale Brown stone and fern verities nestled inside include: East Indian holly, Dyce's hybrid holly, tassel fern and Himalayan maidenhair ferns. The Grotto was designed as a space for quite contemplation. Jim Garland, founder of Fluidity Design Consultants, says, "The Grotto is an amazing place. It is interesting that even though it's new, some visitors discover it and think that it has always been there." New Fountain Features and Engineering Implemented during the revitalization project were six new fountain features: Basketweave, Garden Grow, Hidden Layer Dancer, Dancer on Stage, Panorama Air Nozzle and Flame Nozzle. Basketweave: 40 small streams per nozzle are angled to create a circular sheaf of wheat effect. (30 nozzles total.) Garden Grow: Each nozzle has five streams that rotate in a circle; height, speed and direction are all controllable. (16 nozzles.) Hidden Layer Dancer: A singular nozzle that moves side to side on one axis. (8 nozzles.) Dancer on a Stage: A singular nozzle that moves side to side, while simultaneously front to back, on two axes for a spherical range. (11 nozzles.) Panorama Air Nozzle: Compressed air rockets five gallons of water straight up with, if desired, a sound burst. (32 nozzles.) Above: The architectural firm Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners (BBB) led the renovation project with a team of local, national and international designers. The overall design aim was to accommodate a greater range of visitors, improve visitor flow and promote access to different areas of the gardens. July 2018 33

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