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JUL 2018

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34 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Flame Nozzle: Foot-high flame magically erupts atop a 10-foot-tall water jet. (30 nozzles.) In order to make all of the fountains as spectacular as they are, 68 new pumps, that circulate a maximum of 31,865 gallons of water a minute, were installed. Additionally, three large subterranean water storage tanks, able to store 338,570 total gallons of water, were also added to Longwood Gardens. A staggering 100,000 cubic yards of soil had to be moved during the revitalization process to make room for the water tanks and the 1,400 linear feet of precast-concrete tunneling. In order to light everything, 1,103 fixtures were mounted for architectural illumination, 1,399 LEDs for fountain lighting and 254 fixtures for path lighting. Testimonials Pierre du Pont's goal was to rival the fountains he had seen in Europe and at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. On what was then his personal estate, Pierre designed the five-acre Fountain Garden, incorporating both French and Italian elements, to instill a never before seen fountain collection in North America. It was truly at the cutting edge of both design and engineering. Above: The Grotto is a new feature as a result of the revitalization process. It is a dim, cool, cavern-like space designed for quite contemplation and includes: 4 fountain features, bench seating for 10-15 people and 4 fern varieties. The walls and ceiling consist of 70 tons of Brown Mica Stone that was locally quarried. The Central Weir, or rain curtain, symbolizes a recirculation of the water and has a nearly nonexistent splash radius due to the sloped bottom that the water hits. Interestingly, the central water curtain was engineered to work all year long, even in very cold weather. Continued on page 36 "The project will ensure that our guests enjoy this iconic fountain collection for decades to come." — Paul Redman, Longwood Gardens Executive Director

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