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JUL 2018

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Metropolitan areas often have limited space for residents who desire to relax away from the bustling activities of city life. Because of this, landscape architects have found steady work enhancing New York City rooftops and terraces with gardens and water features. The Central Park West At Central Park West in NYC, two penthouse terraces were designed by Gunn Landscape Architecture and installed by Vert Gardens, to feel like a rural retreat from the city. The clients' goal was to create a rooftop garden that felt like an urban oasis. The centerpiece of the 500-square- foot lower terrace is a cascading water fountain, evoking the feeling of a waterfall in a dense forest. Both beautiful and functional, the water feature's second purpose is to wrap around and conceal the elevator shaft. Gunn custom designed the fountain with a powder-coated aluminum body and steel framing with a weathered gray patina. The fountain was designed to be modular to fit in a narrow service elevator in sections and installed as a complete unit on-site. The fountain recirculates its water, but is also fed by the terrace's irrigation system to compensate for water loss to evaporation. A small pipe connects the irrigation system to the fountain's planter basin underneath the black body, and then water is pumped up internally through the fountain until it reaches the top, where it then falls back over the black body. At the request of the clients, the fountain was designed to be loud enough as to add ambience and drown out city noises. To create the forested landscape, the space is bordered by a trellis covered in Boston Ivy and English Ivy. The trellis is a lush backdrop for weathered zinc planters filled with Japanese Black Pine, Hydrangea anomala subsp. Climbing Hydrangea, and Eastern Redbud. Planted trays cover part of the floor of the terrace, where groundcover, like 'Angelina' Stonecrop and grasses, are interspersed with pavers to create a green roof. The plantings provide privacy and a natural sound barrier so the clients can read and relax in peace. Gunn also incorporated built- in upholstered seating and an outdoor grill for cooking and entertaining. 38 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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