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JUL 2018

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As is typical with Zen gardens, the view corridors were calculated to be tightly controlled, and meditation areas were established. The functional project scope includes a grade and drainage plan, which integrates underground perforated pipes to collect and reroute watershed into a well. The grade is corrected to send water away from the home and into dry creeks that act as a secondary water collection basin. The design also included a live stream and waterfall with natural boulders surrounding them, and river rock in their beds. As one of the eight sections, 'Water,' representing renewal, is supported with this waterfall in the center of the landscape with lichen spotted sandstone boulders that were hand-selected from Weiser, Idaho. "The source of the water was designed to appear spring-fed as it gently bubbles up from the bottom of a basin, cascades down three table top falls and into a 15-foot winding creek where it disappears into a basin and is recycled back to the top," Sims relates. A "raking garden," a traditional part of a Zen garden that is meant to give people opportunities to calm their minds as they rake patterns in the material, was designed to be made of small 1/4" chip rock. Its western position puts it in the 'Knowledge and Wisdom' area of the Bagua map. The softscape design is simplistic in nature Above: A "Bagua map" (inset) – made up of sections that correspond to important areas of a person's life, was instrumental in helping Sims lay out the objects in the landscape design. Here, the lantern, which is a symbol of enlightenment, is meant to embody the 'Love and Marriage' section. 64 Landscape Architect and Specifier News POWER WEALTH POWER WEALTH GROWTH KNOWLEDGE FAME REPUTATION HEALTH WELL BEING CAREER WORK SUCCESS LOVE MARRIAGE CHILDREN CREATIVITY TRAVEL HELPFUL PEOPLE

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