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JUL 2018

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with strategically placed plant materials, including evergreens, bamboo, and Japanese maples. "The plant palette is representative of traditional Far Eastern gardens and the client requested about 30 percent more plant material than is typical in a garden of this style," states Sims. "The Bamboo was planted in underground troughs to prevent the spreading of rhizomes." At the entrance to the garden is a landing platform for visitors to stop and take in the views. A raised vegetable garden and a small patio area are out of context with the theme, but both were designed to be screened with plant material to keep the integrity of the Zen garden intact. The vegetable garden, dining and play areas are screened from the rest of the space by broadleaf evergreens. "Since windows span the back of the house, it was important that the functional areas of the space be screened to emphasize the beauty of the waterfall, meditation garden, and ornamental plantings," reminisces Sims. Sims designed all aspects of this Asian garden and specified the plants and hardscape materials. And what materialized in that small and non-descript yard, thanks to her work, was a picturesque, serene, yet intricate landscape that demonstrates the Zen tradition of rediscovery, and the Feng Shui principals of harmony. Top, Right: To control the rhizomes of the bamboo located behind the waterfall (upper right), they were planted in water troughs. To the left of the bamboo is a weeping white pine. Framing the bottom of the photo is a Japanese red maple. Bottom, Right: An Aquascape AquaSurge Adjustable Flow Pond Pump, 4000-8000 GPH, was specified for this job. To eliminate algae, an Aquascape in-line IonGen System G2 was selected in lieu of chemicals to protect the young children and pets. July 2018 65

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