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AUG 2018

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shopper's spotlight To receive special offers & product updates use the request card on page 131. Go to to find these product and more on August 2018 25 From downtown streetscapes to residential developments, Ameron poles provide architects and designers creative options in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes for their lighting projects. NOV - National Oilwell Information Request # 1000 Auroralight's Catenary Cable Mount J-box is machined from solid Brass. The J-box features a Cable Brake System to prevent luminaire slippage due to swag. The optional "Rigid swivel mount" allows for rigid attachment of the luminaire while allowing up to 15 degrees of cable swag; allowing the fixture to hang plumb. Information Request # 1009 Auroralight, Inc. The Oakland Bay Bridge project highlights Valmont's ability to bring a concept to reality. Custom manufacturing capabilities stand on display with over 250 poles lining the bridge connecting San Francisco & Oakland. Information Request # 1008 Valmont Structures Do you want a fast and furious way to enhance your projects? Use fog as a unique and alternative backdrop to projection technologies. You don't have to settle for static lighting. Use fog as a fluid, moving enhancement that captures and creates motion. Fog projection screens at Koolfog. Information Request # 1011 Koolfog TrafficPatterns® is a durable preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material used primarily for streetscape and traffic calming. Custom designs allow you to extend the design intent of your project into the overall streetscape design. Virtually maintenance free. Information Request # 1020 Ennis-Flint Bring color and vitality to your streetscape! Specializing in custom manufactured banners and flags; offering a unique banner hanging system that allows lightpole banners to move and spill the wind. Information Request # 1012 Swirling Silks The New! Bike Sheds offer protection from the elements and versatility in their many applications. Whether you need covered bike parking or a place to sit and wait for the bus, these new sheds can be customized to complete your vision. Information Request # 1010 Madrax The Panorama series features rectilinear shapes, riven surfaces and rounded edges which recall the appeal of weathered cut flagstone. Designed for repeating random runner and ashlar patterns, Panorama Demi and Supra combos install quickly and are available in a range of sizes and heights. Information Request # 1005 Keystone Hardscapes

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