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AUG 2018

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What is SierraScape? SierraScape is a welded wire facing for steep slopes and retaining walls that features a mechanical connection to the soil reinforcing layers. This connection results in excellent geometric control of the facing and makes construction easier. The welded wire facing forms allow the designer to choose a vegetated face, stone facing, shotcrete facing, and even sculpted simulated rock. All of those can be tailored by the designer to fit in with local native plant species or rock formations. How long has it been around and where has it been used? The system has a stellar 25-year history, with more than 12 million square feet installed across North America. Why SierraScape - WIIFM? SierraScape provides the designer with the flexibility to choose vegetated, stone, shotcrete, or simulated rock facings. Standard facing options are at a cost typically 25% lower than segmental retaining walls. It also allows installers to place facing at a faster rate and with smaller crews versus other retaining wall systems. How can I design/deliver for my cli- ents with SierraScape (how do I get my hands on SierraScape)? SierraScape can be shipped nationwide in a matter of days, with up to 22,000 SF of facing fitting on 1 flatbed truck. A similar amount of segmental retaining wall facing would require 42 trucks; with 150 or more for most big block systems. How do I specify and design with SierraScape? Your local Tensar Region Manager can assist with designs and specifications. Or, call 1-800-Tensar, or visit www.tensarcorp. com/SierraScape Q & A w i t h t h e e x p e r t s a conversation with Featuring Steve Luptak, P.E. TENSAR INTERNATIONAL 30 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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