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AUG 2018

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What are some of the latest trends being seen in outdoor drinking fountains and bottle fillers? In this ever-changing world of design and innovation, manufacturers strive to stay up-to-date through their product offerings to meet design needs. Drinking fountain manufacturer, Haws, recently launched the only Modular, Outdoor Bottle Filler and Drinking Fountain Series. This unique product allows for over 200 configuration options to suit a facility or site's needs. The modular arm design allows for drinking fountains, bottle fillers, dog bowls, and hose bibs to be interchanged pre- and post-installation and offers unlimited custom color options. What needs are these products fulfilling for customers? The modularity of this series allows building owners the ability to offer a variety of product combinations throughout the year. Have an annual sustainability event? Replace the drinking fountains with bottle fillers to fill up reusable bottles. What are the maintenance require- ments for outdoor units? All combinations of this series are offered in freeze-resistant models to maintain functionality in cold weather environments. A bury valve is required to ensure water is flushed from the line above the frost line to eliminate freezing water and the chance of broken pipe. This unit can also be "hibernated" where all accessories can be removed and enclosed with cover plates during wintertime, which also greatly reduces the risk of vandalism. Where are these types of units typically being installed? This modular series is ideal for all outdoor areas including school campuses, office buildings, parks and recreation facilities. Why Haws over competition? The key to the Modular, Outdoor Bottle Filler and Drinking Fountain, as with all Haws drinking fountain products, is the 5874 stainless steel, push-button activation valve. This front access valve allows for easy adjustment to the stream flow and quick maintenance of the filter cartridge. Having invented the drinking fountain in 1906, Haws has more than 110 years of engineering and innovation behind their hydration product offering. With more than 8,000 distribution locations and 250 employees worldwide, we continually focus on quality, service, reliability, and complete solution support. Q & A w i t h t h e e x p e r t s a conversation with Featuring Samantha Hoch, Haws® Product Specialist HAWS 32 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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