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AUG 2018

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How does Tolar Manufacturing turn designs into reality? Whether we're fabricating from detailed architectural renderings or a simple sketch, we are committed to translating ideas into purpose-driven design with exacting specifications. In Monterey, California, our team worked with basic graphic sketches to design and fabricate highly customized transit shelters with a wave-like fiberglass roof, custom glass, curved stainless steel support posts, real-time displays and free-standing information kiosks. The agency goal was to create a linear museum though their JAZZ bus rapid transit (BRT) service. This video demonstrates the sense of place created between the bus shelter, the buses and the festival - . In Santa Clara, California, we worked with IBI group, an industry-leading global architectural and design firm, to fabricate high-capacity, purpose-built BRT shelters that reflect the surrounding area with stylishly modern sleek lines, brushed stainless steel, weather protective walls and angled glass roofs with lively public art elements extending from the shelter to the ground. State of the art amenities include LED digital screens, cameras, security lighting and real-time information displays. Do you offer solutions to make the end product more economical for the client? Our Sense of Placeā„¢ philosophy demands that we take a collaborative, commonsense approach to design and fabrication. We focus on the client's key goals to ensure a solution-based result that validates our products mesh with the overall streetscape master plan. Our mechanical designers provide collaborative feedback early in the design phase to ensure what is placed on the streets is structurally sound and aesthetically aligned with the client's vision, while also being realistic about budget and delivery schedule. For instance, as we turn designs into reality, we continually look at how the end client will maintain their street furniture. Are replacement parts easily changed and readily available? Will they be affordable? This commonsense approach has guided our design and fabrication team for 27 years and has resulted in satisfied clients throughout North America. Creating outdoor structures of durability and distinction that reflect the character of a community, that's the Tolar Difference. Do you have experience incorporating public art into your streetscape projects? In Gainesville, Florida, we supplied custom art glass panels for Tolar-built bus shelters. Using digital printing technology, we reproduced the various artists' work in exacting detail. Amanda McClure, Quinlan Visual Arts Center executive director commented, "I knew going into this that the scale of the reproductions would have great impact for our community in unexpected places. What I was not prepared for was how luminous the work turned out to be." In Gary, Indiana, in addition to incorporating public art, we worked with an urban designer to ensure a new "BRT" service was easily identifiable through highly visible bus stops and brightly branded totem-style kiosks rising 10 feet. These public art and wayfinding projects are exciting because they align with Tolar's mission of creating a sense of place with streetscape projects. After listening to our clients' needs, we often ask ourselves, "How can we ensure that this bus shelter, bench or street furniture project reflects the character of the community?" Q & A w i t h t h e e x p e r t s a conversation with Featuring Patrick Merrick, EVP TOLAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY 34 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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