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AUG 2018

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How has the greenhouse industry evolved over the years? Over the years, greenhouses have evolved beyond just heavy steel structures covered with transparent cladding (typically glass) that primarily protected plants from freezing during the long cold winters. These massive structures were available only to the wealthiest of clients who had special collections of citrus fruits or exotic orchid collections. Today's advanced manufacturing technology has brought the cost down, which allows almost anyone to own a greenhouse; from simple backyard DYI kits, to a conservatory that can be free- standing or custom designed to attach to one's home to create a uniquely beautiful living space. How does a high quality greenhouse enclosure enhance an overall landscape design? A spacious modern greenhouse enclosure is often designed to serve as the nucleus of any number of landscape themes. A spacious greenhouse can be custom designed to house weddings and any number of special event functions. These greenhouse enclosures create a tranquil environment that can help offset the stress of today's fast-paced world. What features should landscape architects be concerned about when specifying a greenhouse enclosure? There are several important elements the landscape architect should keep in mind when incorporating a greenhouse enclosure into a landscape theme. Most importantly, be sure it is spacious and designed with an attractive exterior and appearance that complements the rest of the grounds and buildings. The local climate conditions will greatly determine the glazing and the extent of environmental control systems used to maintain temperature parameters. Be mindful of door sizes and placement to allow good foot-traffic flow in and out of the enclosure. There are a number of aesthetic amenities that can greatly enhance, and make the greenhouse structure impressive and inviting. How does Gothic Arch ensure the landscape architect is getting the right structure for their needs? Being a leader for over 70 years gives GothicArchGreenhouses a unique understanding of the development of this dynamic industry. Our portfolio and hands-on experience with a wide variety of projects has taught us the need to listen well to our customers. Extensive discussions with all parties involved with greenhouse projects from inception and planning, through to the implementation and installation of the project is our key to ensuring our clients receive the absolute best service and successful outcome. What sets Gothic Arch Greenhouses apart from competing structure providers? What sets us apart is the strength and experience gained from serving this amazing industry for over 70 years as both a manufacturer and distributor. We are aligned with a wide array of domestic and international allied companies. This enables us to offer a more extensive selection of greenhouses, equipment and supplies at affordable costs. Our greenhouse offerings span the broad application of the various segments of the market: the home hobby sector from entry level to high-end glass conservatories, economical gutter- connected poly-film covered structures, enormous free-span fabric structures, institutional and research level facilities, and of course the custom 'Profit Center' Retail Greenhouse enclosure. Another unique strength that sets us apart is that we specialize in Design-Build customization for projects requiring a more 'hands-on' interaction. When needed, we provide 'onsite' inspection by our experienced consultants to ensure that every aspect of your project is tailored to your specific needs. So, if you are thinking about a project in the future, visit our website to view our offerings ~ www.GothicArchGreenhouses. com , and give us a call toll-free at 800-531- 4769 to open a discussion with one of our friendly, knowledgeable specialists. We look forward to the honor of working with you and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Q & A w i t h t h e e x p e r t s a conversation with Featuring W. H. 'Buzz' Sierke Jr., President of Gothic Arch Greenhouses Inc. GOTHIC ARCH GREENHOUSES INC. 38 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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