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AUG 2018

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Why use concrete pavers in your project? It's more than beautification. I have been in the paver world for 19 years. After seeing my first concrete paver driveway installed, I was hooked. I understood the concept. Unlike asphalt and poured concrete, pavers are a crack resistant, repairable concrete system that lasts for years. Pavers are sand set without any mortar. If you have an issue, like a broken pipe underneath, you simply pick up a section of pavers, fix the problem, and then reinstall the same pavers you pulled out. With concrete, you would have an expensive repair to deal with, and the repaired section will never match the old concrete. The average do-it-yourself person can install a great looking, lifelong driveway or patio with ease. So to answer the question: pavers are an inexpensive, crack resistant, insurance policy that is stronger than concrete and asphalt and perfect for your driveways, walkways, roof decks, patios, courtyards, pool decks, outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces. Also, pavers look much better than concrete! Why choose Acker-Stone pavers? Acker-Stone is not your average paver manufacturer. We're a bit of a hybrid. We make traditional pavers, but we can put a twist to anything you choose with our aggregates, unique finishes, large format sizes, and our extensive color pallet. At Acker-Stone, we cater to landscape architects and designers looking for that "next level" look like linear and contemporary looks with Grind/Burnish and Shot Blast finishes. When you add these finishes to our signature Face Mix colors, you'll take your projects to a whole new level. Acker-Stone is a designer's playground with an endless supply of different colors and texture matrixes, not to mention our custom color capabilities. We are literally a one stop shop for pavers, linear pavers, slabs, permeable pavers, roof pedestal systems, and exposed aggregate finishes. We can even get you that terrazzo look! What's the difference between Face Mix and Through Mix pavers? Although Acker-Stone can produce both, we love Face Mix pavers. We use fine aggregates, sand, cement, reduced amounts of large aggregates, a harder sand mixture and a high dose of pigment in the top 1/2" portion of the paver. The lack of larger aggregates in the top portion of Face Mix pavers allows them to have richer and more vibrant colors, a smoother and more refined texture, better color longevity and a more wear resistant surface. Both Face Mix and Through Mix pavers have larger aggregates in the body to help with the strength (PSI) of the paver. Though Mix pavers have color throughout the entire paver, the face of the paver is more coarse in nature, and the larger aggregates on the top portion of the pavers are exposed almost immediately. The shades and depth of color will vary greatly. Why does this happen? Pavers are made up of cement, aggregate, sand and pigments. The sand and cement hold that bright pigmented look, not the aggregates. Compared to each other, a Face Mix paver will always have a more pigmented look with a more wear resistant face. Next time you're at the Angel's Stadium, or the Pier at Huntington Beach, just know that you're walking on Acker-Stone Face Mix pavers that are about 20 years old, and the colors still look amazing! Where is the paver market going? Permeable paver systems are the future. People are more conscious of capturing water run-off and going green with pervious hardscape pavers. With more cities mandating sites to manage 100% of their water run-off, Acker-Stone's Permeable Collection offers a great solution, while not losing useable real estate. It's just one way of helping preserve the planet, and leaving our next generation a nice place to live. Q & A w i t h t h e e x p e r t s a conversation with Featuring Mike Millard, Southern CA Sales Manager ACKER-STONE 44 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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