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AUG 2018

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August 2018 73 The Revitalization of Main Street Specific items within the design included new sanitary and storm sewers, new water mains, narrowing of the existing roadway, resurfacing, and an increase of the sidewalk width to improve the pedestrian environment. Patterns and colors utilized in the design were taken from cues found on the adjacent buildings. A primary focal point of the project was the corner nodes located at each intersection, which are dimensioned in order to accommodate truck traffic while also shortening the distance for pedestrians crossing the street. Clay paving accents, bench seating, wayfinding, signage, and public art celebrate these corners as community gathering spaces. One of the challenges for the design was that portions of Main Street are designated as U.S. Highway 34 and truck turning movements had to be accommodated. Decorative bollards were added to create a safety zone for pedestrians within the corner nodes and the pavement was thickened to allow for trucks to drive over the corner pavement on the sidewalk as they are making their turns. This approach allowed for the functionality of both the pedestrians and truck users to safely navigate these two intersections. The addition of stop signs at each intersection, combined with shortened crossing distances, has resulted in a much safer environment for pedestrians and a better retail environment for merchants. Updated lighting along Main Street utilized LED technology to improve energy efficiency throughout the downtown core. The combination of pedestrian height poles between intersections and taller poles Above: These diagonal parking spaces are an important streetscape feature since Main Street doubles as U.S. Highway 34. Parking is at a 60-degree angle to provide easy access into the storefronts and make the parking spaces easier to get in and out of.

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