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AUG 2018

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August 2018 81 Broadway and Sheridan Road. site design group, ltd. (landscape architect) led the project with Burns & McDonnell (civil engineer, project lead). Through the design process, it became clear that due to the scale, context, and enthusiasm of the community, Argyle would be an excellent candidate for a "shared street." It would provide a venue for community gathering and events while prioritizing the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit users and accommodating vehicular use. Through an in-depth public input process that engaged stakeholders, it was confirmed that a shared street would address multiple community needs simultaneously. It would support the growth of local businesses, encourage multi-modal transportation, and provide opportunities to expand on local community programming. Two notable events that take place on the street are the popular Argyle Night Market farmers market and the Chinese New Year celebrations the community is known for. These types of festivities were part of what inspired the spirit of the shared street project. To help represent the values of the community, the colors seen throughout the streetscape elements, such as orange, green, red, and yellow, are tied to traditional Vietnamese culture. The final design was based on "shared street" principles established as part of the project. The layout inverts the traditional

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