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Continued on page 16 14 Landscape Architect and Specifier News h a rd s c a p e s The Rivington is a recently reinvented multi- building apartment complex located in Hoboken, N.J. Originally constructed in the 1980's as an industrial building, the contaminated brownfield site on which it originally sat was hidden by a concrete cap that also served as the residence's courtyard. Completely devoid of vegetation and furnishings, with the exception of two unused teak benches and two light poles, the half-acre urban plaza sat for over two decades as an unsightly blemish on the landscape, resembling a prison yard rather than an apartment courtyard. Fortunately, a new owner acquired the complex in 2015 and arrived that possessed the foresight to hire a landscape architect with the creative ability to change a negative into a positive. Due to a partnership with the owner on a previous project, Melillo + Bauer Associates was trusted to make the transformation. Challenges Handcuffed with the constraint of an original concrete slab that had to remain in place, the designers at Melillo + Bauer Associates decided to develop the space as if it were a rooftop lounge rather than a ground-level plaza. With only minimal penetrations allowed for utilities on the site, all of the hardscape features are "floating" above the concrete. Existing drainage structures remained in place, and all construction took place above the surface. Several feet of grade change existed across the courtyard with slopes that could have potentially made the redesign difficult to navigate. The solution to remedying this problem was the establishment of various terrace levels with steps and ramps Landscape Architecture by Melillo + Bauer Associates Negative Space Becomes a Positive Place The Rivington apartment complex sits in the heart of Hoboken, which is often seen as one of the most modern, bustling downtown areas in northern New Jersey. However, the decrepit courtyard at the Rivington Apartments did not hold up to the standard set by the surrounding area. Melillo + Bauer Associates completely reinvented the space, creating a welcoming area for residents to relax and have fun. BEFORE

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