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September 2018 41 Rocket's Universe transforms a child's play experience into an imaginative journey through space. The Williams family honored the memory of their son / grandson by recreating the world of planets, stars and galaxies he imagined during his short life, giving others a place where they could experience his dream in a sensory world of visuals and music. Sadly, John (nicknamed: Rocket) passed away from a rare congenital disorder at the age of two. His name became 'Rocket' when his parents drove by a Johnny Rocket's in search of food, and the name simply stuck. His love of space followed that fortuitous day. The Williams family partnered with Shane's Inspiration for landscape architecture and playground design based on their extensive experience and dedication to the design and construction of fully accessible and inclusive playgrounds. They wanted the site near Rocket's family home so his siblings could enjoy Rocket's world. North Weddington was a highly used community park that housed a multi-use recreational facility, restrooms, parking and multiple expansive lawn areas for outdoor play and picnics. Located near the Rio Vista Elementary School and the home of Toluca Baseball Little League, it drew families from all over the Los Located in Los Angeles, Calif., Rocket's Universe was created as an inclusive playground, dedicated to the memory of a young boy, John 'Rocket' Williams IV. The playground is an immersive area filled with educational, visual and sensory elements depicting space including: a custom designed rocket ship, space shuttle, solar system, moonbeams and rock climber with planetary interactive elements.

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