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September 2018 43 Inclusive play takes the above framework and adds physical and emotional space where children with sensory, physical and / or cognitive disabilities can play together with children not facing these disabilities, interacting socially as equals. Primary Goal Given limited design budgets and constrained space in most playgrounds, Shane's Inspiration strives to design new or re-design existing elements that offer multiple use for multiple users, and creates elements that engage children to play on their own or with others for more than a passing moment. Theme Thematic playgrounds help build a child's imagination…the Entry Space Planetary Wall establishes the space theme at Rocket's Universe. Some children struggle to navigate unfamiliar spaces… designing with a theme helps them gain recognition and confidence. On each Planet post, a plaque displays historical information and fun facts on the front and planetary path on the back. Pluto was left out because it is considered a 'dwarf planet.' Since opening, this has become a gathering space as kids compare divergent fun facts with other children and adults. A 4' high ornamental steel fence serves as a barrier between the playground resilient surfacing and the concrete walking path, all while supporting the space theme. Painted laser cut steel graphics of stars, Jupiter, a rocket and a flying space ship help kids feel protected in a wide-open environment. 2-12 Age Space Themed Play Structure At the Flying Saucer deck, a child will observe a planetary system plaque reinforcing what they learned at the entry wall. At ground level, a 4' alien discusses the planetary orientation and plays the musical Xylofun… if you ask. The metal roof, shaped like

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