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68 Landscape Architect and Specifier News The Pull Along is a fun way for kids of all abilities to recline, grab the overhead bars and pull their bodies along a slide bed way. The Pull Along allows children to slide back and forth providing deep muscle pressure that supports and develops the vital sense of body awareness -proprioception. Learning about position grading of force and developing upper body strength and coordination are other benefits of the Pull Along. The Therapeutic Swing provides a safety harness for children in need of extra security and support. This snug, supportive seat offers all children a high-flying ride while helping them coordinate head and eye movements, stay upright against gravity, develop balance, equilibrium, and coordinate actions on the right and left sides of the body. The original park design had significant issues with access and elevation changes that made for a difficult start to the project. With the help of Borreco/Killian & Associates, the entire play space of over 10,000 square feet was redesigned to function as a fully-inclusive play environment. Because the main play structure has ramps that start at grade and move up to a 6-foot high level, the grading of the play areas needed to be just right. This new park ended up being so popular that the existing 45,000-square- foot parking area adjacent to the playground is often full and overflow parking is required! Since opening, there has been a huge benefit to the community; the city has commented on how popular the park is and how many more people are using the park than before. By drawing in more families and children, the park has more than accomplished what the city set out to do. Not only has this renovation transformed the park, but it also has re-excited the community. Now the city's biggest problem is how to accommodate all the people who swarm to this park each day. A fun problem to have! Right: Sensory Play Panels offer interactive, activities that encourage sensory development, problem solving, and cooperation through tactile, proprioceptive (awareness of one's body position relative to the environment), and vestibular (responding to the position of the head in relation to gravity) input. These Braille, Maze and Music and Braille panels also provide social areas where all children can play together on the same level. Left: The first two Mega Towers in this structure are connected by a berma bridge and the second and third are connected with a large crawl tube. Each upper level tower has many play panels offering different types of interactive play. On the left side is an ADA and wheelchair accessible section. There are also 2 large tube slides and a climbing challenge. Providing Play for All Continued from page 66

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