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74 Landscape Architect and Specifier News The first, she states, is the inclusion of workout equipment near playgrounds. This allows busy families a chance to have something for everyone. Before the inclusion of workout machines, parents would simply sit and monitor their children playing. Now, adults can stay busy and still keep an eye on their kids. The second noticeable trend is the installation of obstacle equipment. "Obstacle course racing is the fastest growing sport in the world right now," Spencer says. "Coupled with the popularity of programs like American Ninja Warrior, the excitement and popularity around this type of fitness is exploding." To answer this call, more and more obstacle- course themed equipment is being installed across the country. The obstacles are built to be intuitive, provide several ways to traverse and should scale to a person's ability, allowing an advanced person and a beginner equal opportunities to use the equipment. Spencer relates that there are also apps available for some parkour courses that permit people to compete on a national level and see how their time compares to others playing on the same course design. Allison Abel, director of marketing at Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Equipment, relays that she notices a trend in more inclusive workout equipment being installed at outdoor fitness parks. "In 2018, Greenfields introduced three new units designed for users in wheelchairs, allowing wheelchair users to enjoy more challenging workouts and participate in activities alongside the rest of the community." Safety In 2015, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) released a 25-page standard for "Unsupervised Public Use Outdoor Fitness Equipment" known as ASTM-F3103. The standard establishes parameters for the design and manufacture of outdoor fitness equipment in the aims of "minimiz[ing] the likelihood of serious injuries." The ASTM-F3101 specifically outlines rules regarding crush/shear points, hanging apparatuses, safe distance between equipment, appropriate safety surfacing and more. Abel talks about how her company's products adhere to the ASTM standards, "[Our] units have been carefully designed to conform to all voluntary ASTM standards for outdoor fitness equipment, avoiding hazards such as pinch points and protrusions. Because kids may be attracted to the fitness equipment, units also feature signage stating age requirements for use." Above: One interesting mention about the Westphalia park is that there are silhouettes of leaps, backflips and other parkour related body movements on the site's safety surfacing. This was intentionally done to inspire people of all ages to get active. Brenda J. Iraola, of the Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission, states that the parkour space was the first of its kind in Prince George's County. PHOTO CREDIT: M-NCPPC Above: Another interactive, exercise design submitted to the Cleveland Design Competition was this dance floor. The design incorporates dance steps embedded into the stage floor, which could provide opportunities to teach, learn and share the activity of dance. The goal of the design was to promote interactive and intergenerational spaces. Fitness Parks Continued from page 72

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