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OCT 2018

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Pennsylvania Township Battles Siltation in Streams Officials in Washington Township, Pa., are facing the challenge of siltation, a process by which water becomes dirty as a result of fine mineral particles, in their streams. The state of Pennsylvania has released a Department of Environmental Protection-mandated anti-pollution program that is part of the Clean Water Act. The program aims to eliminate pollution caused by chemicals or sediment carried by stormwater run off from sources like construction sites and oil spills. However, the township is only seeing pollution from silt caused by erosion. Small streams in Washington Township's three watersheds, Beaver Run, Pine Run and Pucketa Creek, have already been impaired by siltation. The township has submitted a plan to the state and federal governments, which the Department of Environmental Protection has accepted. Top township engineers advise residents and businesses to refrain from using chemicals to get rid of vegetation along streams. They state that the waterways are better served by leaving vegetation to grow along the banks, as the plants can slow the erosion process. New Jersey's Economy Looking Up "Strong U.S. economic growth is helping revive New Jersey's economy." This is the latest assessment from the Wells Fargo Securities Economics Group, which periodically evaluates the economic outlook of a particular state. The report does note that New Jersey is still not performing as well as the U.S. as a whole but that "the gap has narrowed and overall growth is much stronger than it was a year earlier." Challenges the state had to overcome on this side of the recession, including an outflow of residents and a housing market still burdened with delinquencies and foreclosures, slowed the start of the recovery. On the plus side, the report notes the sizable population of educated households, the extensive freight network and profusion of warehouses, and a likely strengthening of the manufacturing and tourism industry. Encouraging numbers include a 2.5% rise in real GDP growth year-over-year, a 4.2% unemployment rate, the lowest since 2007, and a 1.6% gain in wages this year. 170 Landscape Architect and Specifier News I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 6 1 9

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