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OCT 2018

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October 2018 189 Maglin Site Furniture North American Manufacturer of Public Site Furniture The Pixel Collection gives you the flexibility to design the perfect space. What defines the perfect space? Does it bring people together, forge new connections and instill a strong sense of community? Is it a place for colleagues and classmates to share ideas, for friends to catch up over lunch, or simply a place to be alone in a crowd? With the Pixel Collection from Maglin, you don't have to choose. Simple in form and highly versatile in function, Pixel gives you the building blocks to design your ideal space. And with fast, easy installation and near limitless possibilities for configuration, you can design as your needs evolve—all with Maglin's signature quality, comfort and sustainability. CONSOLIDATE With the right seating arrangements, even the most public of spaces can feel private, peaceful, even contemplative. The Pixel Collection offers a range of configurations that enable people to find some "me time" while still being connected to their surroundings, creating the ideal setting for reading, working, studying, listening to music or simply reflecting on the day. TOP IT OFF Pixel block "tops" come in a range of styles and materials. And with the swap of a top, you can easily convert any block into a planter to infuse greenery into your space. COLLABORATE Furniture can play a significant role in how we interact with each other, especially in facilitating collaboration. With the Pixel Collection, you can easily create settings that encourage the natural sharing of perspectives and ideas, transforming coworkers into collaborators, classmates into learning partners, and neighbors into friends. CONGREGATE While we're more connected than ever online, our offline lives can feel increasingly distant. The Pixel Collection encourages a spirit of community in outdoor spaces. From parks, courtyards and campuses to shopping centers, streetscapes and urban squares, Pixel's playful building blocks can be configured for any space, allowing you to create seating that promotes social interaction and community well-being. Maglin is a leading North American manufacturer of public site furniture. Through outstanding design and innovative use of recycled materials, we create high quality solutions that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of all environments. We manufacture benches, tables and seating, trash/recycling containers, planters, bollards, bike racks and ash receptacles. With locations across North America – we continue to serve our clients to a level that exceeds their expectations. Maglin Site Furniture 1-800-716-5506 Information Request # 2005 L A S N p ro d u c t p re v i e w

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