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OCT 2018

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56 Landscape Architect and Specifier News 2 0 1 8 A S L A F e l l o w s Continued on page 58 Continued from page 54 D e b o r a h A l l i s o n D e e t s , A S L A City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California Deborah Deets, of the City of Los Angeles, received her nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Southern California Chapter. As a leader of the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation's Watershed Protection Program, Deets has demonstrated the value of her skills as a landscape architect in an engineering-dominated professional culture. A leader in defining new standards and landscape-based strategies for green infrastructure projects, she has been a key team leader for the most significant stormwater projects in the region. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti lauded her exceptional leadership and management skills that have benefitted the city for more than 20 years. Her implementation of passive biofiltration and irrigation systems within a phased planning approach convinced her fellow flood-control professionals that a resilient strategy for building connectivity among open spaces and streets is both technically feasible and well understood by landscape architects. Her award-winning work and community leadership have raised the profile both of the landscape architecture profession and the sustainable principles to which she has devoted her career. Category: Leadership/Management S a n d r a K . F i s c h e r , A S L A Fischer Bouma Partnership, Bainbridge Island, Washington Sandra Fischer, of Fischer Bouma Partnership, received her nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Washington Chapter. With a ground-breaking and influential practice that has spanned the Pacific Northwest, Great Plains and Northern Rockies (including being the first woman licensed in the state of Montana), Fischer has worked tirelessly to create more attractive, livable, walkable and economically sustainable communities. She has led award-winning global consultancies and regional multidisciplinary firms, and through her active participation in civic and professional organizations, has raised the profile of landscape architecture in places where the profession is less established. A hallmark of Fischer's success, and a source of her influence, has been her ability to develop the talents of those around her. Through mentorship and the example of her integrity, she nurtures employees, students and emerging professionals, with a particular interest in bringing women into the kind of leadership positions she has pioneered. Category: Leadership/Management D a v i d G o r d e n , A S L A Mark M. Holeman Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana David Gorden, of Mark M. Holeman, Inc., received his nomination, in Service, from the Indiana Chapter. Typically engaged in several volunteer commitments at once, Gorden has left an enduring, broad legacy through his leadership and service. In every program, outreach event and elected or appointed position he has undertaken, Gorden has elevated the stature and awareness of landscape architecture regionally and nationally. Within the profession, he engages fellow members in events and issues that increase their knowledge and community standing, and outside groups eagerly seek his leadership, expertise and enthusiasm. His commitment to public and professional service improves environments for people, provides additional tools for practicing landscape architects and promotes the profession beyond its chapters and practitioners in areas such as invasive species. He remains active with the Indiana Invasive Plant Advisory Committee as its sole landscape architect, only one of his many volunteer roles, all of which are devoted to raising public awareness of the inestimable value of gardens, cultural landscapes and the incorporation of beauty in community life. Category: Service E a r l H . G r a f f a m , A S L A OLIN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Earl "Skip" Graffam, of OLIN, received his nomination, in Works, from the Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter. Graffam's global award-winning work balances the unique needs of each site, the people who will use it and the environment as a whole. As OLIN's director of research, he fostered the integration of input from communities, governments, designers, engineers, scientists and other collaborators to create enduring public spaces that ignite social engagement and enliven living and cultural systems. He is the complete landscape architect, a remarkable professional with an unusual depth of knowledge in both architecture and landscape architecture. There isn't an aspect of practice that Graffam hasn't mastered from conceptual design through construction, giving him a reservoir of wisdom he shares through collaborative design and research studies, and as a university lecturer. His ability to work simultaneously at multiple scales of design has contributed to the successful implementation of multifunctional landscapes—beautiful, finely crafted spaces which also act as catalysts for improving the ecologic, economic and social health of communities and their citizens. Category: Works

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