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OCT 2018

LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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60 Landscape Architect and Specifier News 2 0 1 8 A S L A F e l l o w s Continued on page 62 Continued from page 58 K a t h l e e n J o h n - A l d e r , A S L A Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey Kathleen John-Adler, of Rutgers University, received her nomination, in Knowledge, from the New Jersey Chapter. John-Adler inspires colleagues and students to think deeply and critically about their actions toward the land. A talented artist and award-winning practitioner with a remarkable grasp of the history of the profession and its methods over the past century, she is a born teacher with genuine insight into the nature of design and has a remarkable ability to explain it visually and in writing. Her examination of the work of Lawrence Halprin and Ian McHarg has increased our understanding of ecology in environmental discourse and expanded our appreciation of modernist design and its contribution to our profession. John-Alder's early career included an associate partnership with OLIN before moving into academia where her research dealt with the transformative role of environmentalism in the mid-20th-century landscape and the impact of climate change, including in the Arctic. She has earned her place in an elite circle of hybrid practitioner-scholars working at the frontiers of landscape architecture to discover its larger potential. Category: Knowledge D o u g l a s J o n e s , A S L A LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects, Boston, Massachusetts Douglas Jones, of LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects, received his nomination, in Works, from the Boston Society. The landscapes envisioned by Jones are beautifully resilient, fresh and vibrant. His mastery of sculptural gradation, fine detail and carefully balanced proportion is evident in his mature designs, known for their subtlety and refinement. Growing up in Idaho, Jones was inspired by its varied landscapes and topology, which have helped infuse his work with the sculptural and dramatic qualities of natural landforms. Beautiful, functional and ecologically sensitive designs flow from his thoughtful integration of the design and site with their broader context. His awarded work spans across New England and New York and extends to the U.S. Armed Forces Garden in Caen, France. Through pro bono work he continues to demonstrate that landscape architecture is a necessary yet often overlooked component of a built environment that shapes better communities. Category: Works B r i a n K a t e n , A S L A Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia Brian Katen, of Virginia Tech, received his nomination, in Knowledge, from the Virginia Chapter. Through his practice, research and teaching, Katen has demonstrated a deep commitment to place-based inquiry and has shown a passionate commitment to honoring local and regional cultural identity. His research and teaching challenge easy, first-readings of the landscape and reveal the complex, hidden cultural dimensions of our everyday public spaces. Katen's groundbreaking research on the diverse and often invisible layers of Virginia's cultural landscapes and the sites of memory of marginalized groups have been at the forefront of innovative recent place- based scholarship and has challenged the completeness of our traditional histories. Katen exemplifies what an academic leader should be, undertaking research on Virginia's invisible cultural landscapes and confirming that early-20th-century African American public spaces were significant realms for both social encounters and the formation of identity. Category: Knowledge R o b i n K e y , A S L A RKLA Studio Landscape Architecture, New York, New York Robin Key, of RKLA Studio Landscape Architecture, received her nomination, in Service, from the New York Chapter. During Key's professional career, she has reimagined iconic sites such as the St. Patrick's Cathedral grounds and Central Park's Tavern on the Green. Beyond her award-winning projects, though, she consistently and generously shares her professional expertise to heighten the experiences of others. Her pro bono contributions include landscape architecture considerations for the Olana State Historic Site, the Cultural Landscape Foundation and designNYC. As the Olana Partnership's first landscape-architect board member, she advocated for a cohesive plan for the 250-acre Hudson Valley mansion grounds. Working pro bono with designNY in 2008, she developed an integrated landscape design for Serviam Gardens, which provides low-income housing to seniors in the Bronx. She proves to all who enter her orbit that good places come from grit, determination, generosity of spirit and design excellence. Category: Service

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