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OCT 2018

LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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62 Landscape Architect and Specifier News 2 0 1 8 A S L A F e l l o w s Continued on page 64 Continued from page 60 K a s K i n k e a d , A S L A Cascade Design Collaborative, Seattle, Washington Kas Kinkead, of Cascade Design Collaborative, received her nomination, in Service, from the Washington Chapter. Kinkead is a recognized leader in Seattle and at the state and national levels, elevating her profession in the eyes of decision makers when she advocates for sustainable building, green infrastructure and superlative public K-12 educational facilities. She is a member and twice chair of Washington State's Technical Advisory Committee on publicly funded K-12 schools. With her guidance, the state passed both a funding-eligibility law for outdoor classrooms and a sustainable design protocol for new schools that includes stormwater and low- impact development strategies. Kinkead's talent for persuasion grows from her remarkable ability to personalize projects and her encyclopedic understanding of K-12 educational goals, community values and age-appropriate connections to landscape. She is a long-time advocate for women in the design professions and has been a potent champion of practice licensure for landscape architects, making her an inspiration to her colleagues and a role model of effective leadership. Category: Service E d w a r d M a r s h a l l , A S L A Stephen Stimson Associates, Cambridge, Massachusetts Edward Marshall, of Stephen Stimson Associates, received his nomination, in Works, from the Boston Society. Marshall choreographs the elements of his composition—grading, sight lines, planting and context—through a disciplined economy of materials and frugal simplicity of forms. He believes an uncluttered landscape allows users to take ownership of a site. From residential gardens to municipal parks and campuses, he employs continuity, scale and sense of place to shape the design concept. Marshall's craftsmanship and attention to detail reflect his belief that elegant and imaginative design should infuse all levels of a project. Within his firm he is committed to a collaborative design process and a culture of mentorship, serving as an inspiration for young designers. His landscapes are vibrant and expressive, uniting sustainability with craft to create environments that heighten awareness with four seasons of beauty. Category: Works C h r i s M o y l e s , A S L A Reed Hilderbrand LLC, Cambridge, Massachusetts Chris Moyles, of Reed Hilderbrand, received his nomination, in Works, from the Boston Society. Moyles adhered to his firm's commitment to building beautifully and sustainably and was one of the profession's leading voices for high-performance landscapes that integrate artistic practice with science and technology. His work is straightforward in its elegant spareness and essential appropriateness to site and program. Moyles believed that a site's beauty becomes most powerful when design reveals the natural systems and processes underlying a landscape's ecosystem. A passionate designer and draftsman, he lectured extensively on sustainable design practices and ways to ensure that landscape performance endures for lifetimes. He was a valued collaborator among related professionals, clients and communities while encouraging those with whom he worked to find balance and mutual respect among a site's history, architectural features and contemporary requirements. Category: Works T h o m a s L . M r o z J r . , A S L A SmithGroupJJR Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan Thomas L. Mroz Jr., of Smith Group JJR, received his nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Michigan Chapter. Mroz has built his extraordinary career on a foundation of insightful management and dedicated leadership. He has applied these skills to advancements in various areas of the landscape architecture profession—yielding transformative impacts for his clients, his firm and a future generation of professionals. He has applied his considerable business acumen both to his firm and to ASLA, serving as an active leader and advocate at the state and national levels. Among Mroz's many contributions is his participation in the Landscape Architecture Firm CEO Roundtable and service on the national Board of Trustees. He is renowned for his passionate support of mentorship and professional development among his staff, which includes the establishment within his firm of a scholarship program for landscape architecture students from underrepresented populations, demonstrating his role as a transformative force for the future of the profession. Category: Leadership/Management

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