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OCT 2018

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64 Landscape Architect and Specifier News 2 0 1 8 A S L A F e l l o w s Category: Service Continued on page 66 Continued from page 62 M i c h a e l E d w i n N i c h o l s , A S L A Nichols Design Group, Inc., Solana Beach, California Michael Nichols, of Nichols Design Group, received his nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the San Diego Chapter. From his time as an undergraduate to his earliest days as a Southern California landscape architect, Nichols has been driven to share his talents and passion with his community. He successfully ran for the Solana Beach City Council in San Diego County, beginning his tenure in 2006, and has served three times as mayor. His leadership has transformed his city into one of the most environmentally progressive communities in California and has raised awareness among government officials at all levels of the importance of landscape architecture in intelligent urban planning. Both as a practitioner and as an elected official, he has guided his oceanside city to become an environmental frontrunner on climate-change issues, walkability and green development. Through the example of his professional work and his commitment to public service he has raised the profile of the profession and demonstrated the power of landscape architecture to transform communities. Category: Leadership/Management W . S c o t t P a r k e r , A S L A DesignWorks, LC, Charleston, South Carolina W. Scott Parker, of DesignWorks, received his nomination, in Works, from the South Carolina Chapter. Parker's commitment to enriching the lives of others is contagious. Inspired by his passion for place-making, clients, public officials, the public and other design professionals are drawn to him, enthusiastic to join in his effort to bring creativity, beauty and excellence to their communities. His work ranges from immense master plans to the smallest gardens, each completed with the highest sensitivity to all living organisms. From his resort work in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, and Doonbeg, Ireland, to the redevelopment of closed government installations in South Carolina, Alabama and Washington, D.C., his plans have become models for the future. His outreach and advocacy are extensive, such as with the Charleston Parks Conservancy and throughout the Low Country. Both through his professional body of work and the example he sets by his devotion to his community, Parker's influence will be long felt by the public and the profession alike. Category: Works D a v i d A . R u b i n , A S L A Land Collective, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania David A. Rubin, of DAVID RUBIN Land Collective, was nominated, in Works, by the Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter of ASLA. Rubin founded his studio following his tenure as a Fellow of The American Academy in Rome in 2011-2012. DAVID RUBIN Land Collective is a landscape architecture and urban design studio committed to practicing with an emphasis on empathy-driven design strategies. They are recognized for their designs' positive social impact upon cities, as well as an inclusive and enthusiastic approach to engagement. Rubin is responsible for the design of Canal Park in Washington, D.C.; Lenfest Plaza at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the University of Pennsylvania's new Pennovation Campus, both in Philadelphia; as well as The Commonground at Eskenazi Health Hospital, the Indianapolis Museum of Art Master Plan, and the new Cummins DBU Headquarters, all in Indianapolis. Rubin is currently a Visiting Professor at The Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, and has also taught and lectured at a number of educational institutions. Category: Works A d r i a n L . S m i t h , A S L A City of New York Parks and Recreation, New York, New York Adrian Smith, of the City of New York Parks and Recreation, received his nomination, in Service, from the New York Chapter. To engender increased recognition of the indispensable role landscape architects play in society, Smith engages everyone from school children to lawmakers with his many volunteer projects. He inspires high school students to enter the profession, with a focus on inner-city recruitment, and advocates for regulation that includes landscape architects as equals with architects and engineers. In an era when landscape architects' services are increasingly vital to creating healthy, vibrant and resilient urban communities, his efforts have opened a seat at the table for his colleagues at the outset of every project. Throughout his service to the public and profession, he has translated into action his love for nature, the environment and design. His passionate calls for advocacy at the chapter and national level have resulted in concrete gains in how the public views landscape architects and their role in community life.

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