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NOV 2018

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Continued from page 18 p l a y g ro u n d Above: The entire playground spans one acre. Several meandering pathways and the surfacing under the play structures were constructed of poured in-place rubber safety surfacing. Top, Right: The main centerpiece is a boat that rests on top of the tallest hill in the park. The hill symbolizes a large wave rolling under the ship. A Jacobs rope ladder was placed at the stern in order to recreate the effect of being a pirate and climbing aboard another ship. A subterranean tunnel system was built into the berm under the ship as well. Bottom, Right: Interactive musical elements, like drums and chimes, were implemented at the base of the main hill on a musically themed walkway that highlights different instrumental notes stained on the concrete. This music walk harkens to the region's jazzy history. The design, which interprets local landmarks in the surrounding area, like the "Jhanke Ship Yard Hill," the "Magical Springs Pavilion," the "Music Walk" and the "Madisonville Lighthouse," offer plenty of activities for the whole family. The presentation of the area's local history and culture creates both learning and play opportunities that are distinctive and memorable. The play experience of the playground is diverse and extraordinarily different than the norm in the area. A playground appropriate for children of all ages and abilities, it provides active and passive recreation opportunities and was sited to be along the park's primary walking path. The design incorporated custom, subterranean tunnels from the "water level" up into the pilothouse of the centerpiece, the wooden boat that sits atop the shipyard hill. Custom slides provide a quick trip down, either above or below, the symbolic water level. The Jacobs ladder allows kids to pretend to be pirates that are boarding the ship from below. Once they reach the top, they can roll down the face of the swell at the ships bow. These custom pieces were collaborations between the designers, playground, and safety- surfacing manufacturers, adapting catalogue components to match the design language as well as insuring that safety concerns were completely addressed. The "Three Rivers" paths meander through the pine forest and cypress/tupelo swamps, on its way to the lake; passing swings, sand play islands and gathering pavilions, including the St. Tammany pavilion, inspired by the 19th century natural springs pavilion, complete with its magic water fountain. The musical instruments were grouped in a common area to allow for parents and kids to have their own impromptu "jam session," as has been done in the jazz and blues clubs of the region for over a century. The thematic approach, along with ample play equipment and splash pad components seamlessly integrated together, provide a superior environment for public recreation. 20 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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