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NOV 2018

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This luxury residence, located in Northern California, enjoys the benefit of a mature natural landscape. Native California Oaks and Pines dot the 1.5-acre property, allowing for beautiful scenes of plant and animal life. The steeply sloping site offers an incredible view of the northern end of the Santa Clara Valley, and the western California Coast Range provides a beautiful backdrop to the house. This Los Altos Hills property is home to a bustling family with two daughters, several alpacas and a yellow lab named Barkley. Robert Mowat Associates was invited to create a spectacular landscape that matched the beauty of the natural features surrounding the residence. Make It Work The house had been recently renovated and, like many home improvement projects, had been brought up to contemporary standards. However, the landscape was non-functional and aesthetically awkward; it lacked a sense of cohesion. The property held a number of exciting features that required renovation to make them current and useable. Additionally, there was no formal space for outdoor entertaining or dining, yet the clients often held large parties, soccer team meetings and small get-togethers, and were anticipating two weddings to be held at home. The landscape, while in need of a major renovation due to its dated look, held the promise of something more, judging from the existing trees, pond and dramatic views. The active owners, with their two athletic children, were keenly interested in art, design and landscape Middle: A renovated pool, patio and new Ipe deck provide all the amenities desired by an active family of four. PHOTO: TREVE JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHY Top, Left: In this before view, the pool and slopes were in dire need of creative solutions that would complement the views of the valley beyond the home. PHOTO: ROBERT MOWAT ASSOCIATES Bottom, Left: A before shot of the 1970's pool looking towards the home's recently renovated rear faƧade shows the unflattering distinction between new improvements and outdated designs. PHOTO: ROBERT MOWAT ASSOCIATES 40 Landscape Architect and Specifier News BEFORE BEFORE

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