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NOV 2018

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architecture. Therefore, they were closely involved in creating, analyzing and formulating the design solutions. Convergence of Ideas The homeowners possessed a sophisticated design sense and were adept at using the program SketchUp to express their ideas for the landscape. They wanted a contemporary style to complement their new architecture, but nothing "too cute." The combination of plant forms and architectural elements was of significant importance in the landscape, and the desire for usable outdoor space for their children and Barkley was paramount. The landscape architects began the design process with colored sketch concepts for the deck and the entry experiences. After a meeting reviewing the ideas presented, the clients realized the design team had a lot to bring to the table. The project focus quickly grew into a full- fledged creative collaboration. The clients and designers found an easy flow of communication on many subjects. The homeowners' art background provided a shorthand for flushing out ideas. Their in-depth knowledge of design and clear articulation of concepts created a system for style solutions between them and the design team. Ideas were quickly thrown out, and the clients' experiences with SketchUp brought about concrete form to many of the objectives they were trying to achieve. This symbiotic communication was immensely beneficial since construction crews were building the ideas as soon as they were put onto paper. Top, Right: Three large, ½" thick corten steel plates were structurally engineered into the ground, providing artful backdrops for plantings, a fountain and an entry portal to the home. PHOTO: TREVE JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHY Bottom, Right: Two series of bluestone steps break up the steep slope connecting the pool entertainment areas to the home's top deck. PHOTO: TREVE JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHY November 2018 41

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