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JAN 2019

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22 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Hurricane-Proof Located in Queens, New York, Hunter's Point South Park survived Hurricane Sandy during its first phase of construction by relying on several different stormwater mitigation techniques that were designed with sustainability in mind. PHOTO: TATHAM/SWA, COURTESY SWA/BALSLEY AND WEISS/MANFREDI Park By Allie Lapporte, LASN According to a sustainability report from the American Planning Association, "Green infrastructure is a community's natural life support system, the ecological framework needed for environmental and economic sustainability." Considering the storms and hurricanes that seem to hit coastal cities in the United States almost yearly – data from NOAA shows that 7 hurricanes strike the country every four years, while three major hurricanes hit every five years, and FEMA states that one major flooding event occurs every year – one aspect of sustainability that cities are now looking for in design is stormwater mitigation and resiliency. Green spaces help soak up and filter rain where it falls rather than allowing it to run off hard surfaces like paved roads into storm sewers and, ultimately, into waterways – along with the garbage, bacteria, and other pollutants it has picked up along the way., a Canadian website devoted to promoting the benefits of parks in cities, estimates that "absorbent landscapes, like parks, can reduce runoff by 8 to 10 times compared to impermeable surfaces like roads or parking lots."

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