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JAN 2019

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26 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Green Infrastructure in Parks According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in a 2017 report on how to incorporate more sustainable practices into parks, there are several reasons other than flood mitigation to incorporate green infrastructure into park design. Green infrastructure can enhance recreational value, create attractive park features, enhance social and environmental equity and reduce maintenance. When addressing how to maintain an acceptable level of safety along with storm mitigation techniques, the EPA report suggests that landscape architects design stormwater elements that minimize the risk potential for park users such as eliminating trip hazards, adding crushed stone paths, or designing boardwalks or viewing platforms. Top: While there are some walls and fences that maintain a level of safety for park goers, they are minimal, in order to prevent water from getting trapped in the park during high tide or stormy weather. PHOTO: LLOYD/SWA, COURTESY SWA/BALSLEY AND WEISS/MANFREDI Above: Green stormwater infrastructure can add aesthetic appeal to a park as well as sustainability. Here a higher level of Hunter's Point South Park's wetlands becomes a small island as the water levels in the park begin to rise at high tide. PHOTO: VECERKA/ESTO, COURTESY SWA/BALSLEY AND WEISS/MANFREDI Right: The viewing deck level of the park is framed with rain gardens that assist in stormwater management above the wetlands. PHOTO: VECERKA/ESTO, COURTESY SWA/BALSLEY AND WEISS/MANFREDI

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