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JAN 2019

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Top: The topiary Smokey the Bear hedge art pictured had to be carefully worked around and preserved during the construction process. By using timber as the main construction component for the building, carbon is sequestered from the air and emissions from burnt fossil fuels are reduced; showcasing another aspect of the site's sustainability and environmentally-focused approach. Above: Small pedestrian bridges were located at building entries to provide a functional and aesthetic "creek crossing" that lead to the central employee courtyard. January 2019 63 Significance The old headquarters was a cluster of "temporary" modular buildings that were never intended to persist for any significant length of time. The stimulus funds that became available allowed the U.S. Forest Service to upgrade the headquarters for the Angeles National Forest with a state-of-the-art facility worthy of its LEED Gold designation, which was awarded in 2014. Credits for building systems and landscape water reductions, as well as overall site improvements, enhanced the total ecology of the previously paved 3.5-acre site. 100% of storm water from the parking lot is directed via bioswales into a 2,000 square foot recharge basin for percolation back into the soil. Native plants were chosen to increase biodiversity, support local fauna and habitat development.

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