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APR 2019

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During the 18th century, settlers crossed the Pawtucket River seeking religious freedom in the Rhode Island Colony and built a small bridge over the body of water. In the 19th century, the bridge spanning the river became a commercial thoroughfare, and by the mid-20th century, interstate 95 was the most traveled highway in the nation. In 1958, a new Pawtucket River Bridge was built to carry I-95 traffic over the Pawtucket River. By the time the city of Pawtucket entered the 21st century, the city was ready for a new piece of infrastructure. An electrical engineering firm called Glaskell Electric was brought onto a team to replace the old bridge with something new. However, the stakeholders in the city wanted the new bridge to have lighting that changed color with the seasons. As the team at Glaskell Electric was not well-versed in this kind of lighting, they called in lighting designers from Abernathy Lighting Design (ALD) to create an artistic lighting design for the bridge. Gateway According to Jason Rainone, IALD, LEED AP, principal lighting designer at ALD, his team was told to think of the bridge as a "gateway" in all forms of the word. "One side of the bridge is Providence; the other side is Pawtucket, so it's a literal gateway in that sense of the word," stated Rainone. "However, it is also a bridge with a road that runs under it, so there is a certain overarching gateway look to how the bridge was designed." 56 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Gateway to Providence by Allie Lapporte, LASN Lighting Design by Abernathy Lighting Design

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