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AUG 2013

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additional products product focus (Continued from page 32) Planters Unlimited World Premiere barkman Playworld Systems SiteScapes Inc. World Premiere Specializes in custom commercial planters in an unlimited variety of materials, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes to meet your project needs. Add distinctive flair to your next landscape projects with our wide selection of attractive site furnishings, accessories, unlimited shapes and color combinations. The Inclusive Play Design Guide™ helps advocates design outdoor spaces so people of all ages and all abilities (autistic, ablebodied and those with a cognitive disability). Barristro bike racks and bollards are a beautiful way to provide bike security to your next project. Locks and cables can be threaded through the interior sleeve. Information Request # 1032 Information Request # 1033 Information Request # 1034 Information Request # 1035 Poligon Shade Systems Pavestone Company Street Furniture Trellises add shade in a unique and inviting way. We offer a variety of customizable styles, or we can create a new design to complement nearby structures. Our stunning Tornado™ fabric shade sculptures can be used as a single shade or grouped for beautifully integrated shading clusters. Verona™ Series, a more urban concrete paver style, makes its debut showcasing its unique shapes and differentiating scale in a three-inch modular system. Classic Plaza table offers picnic setting and complementary product to our seating. Featuring slender battens supported by strong steel frame in aluminum or hardwood. Information Request # 1036 Information Request # 1037 Information Request # 1038 Information Request # 1039 Brandon Industries DOGIPOT Fiberweb Geosynthetics Roman Fountains This 4" OD fluted, round sign pole with cast aluminum finial, base and trims, includes two 9 x 36" street sign trims and a 30" stop sign. We're now offering a new line of OxoBiodegradable Header Pak Litter Pick Up Bags, i.e., hanging litter pick up bags. These new items provide more choices. BodPave® 85 porous paving grids allow natural grass or gravel surfaces, while offering heavy-weight stabilization. The cellular grids allow full rainwater infiltration. Offering high strength FRP direct-burial fountain stations and storage reservoirs for a wide range of applications. RDP-Series 5 unit with storage reservoir. Information Request # 1040 Information Request # 1041 Information Request # 1042 Information Request # 1043 Sof Surfaces Unilock Iron Age Designs Drymala Concrete Products Engineered for performance, tested on site and backed by a 10 year warranty, we bring industry leading solutions to your playground surfacing challenges. Large format slabs, in the Umbriano® finish, owe its striking beauty to a random dispersing of color and granite particles, creating a mottled surface. Fountain planter fence protects trees and plants from heavily trafficked areas. Our four different designs are made from ductile iron with powder coated finish. We manufacture unique, decorative and handicap accessible precast concrete table sets, planters, benches, water troughs and more. Information Request # 1044 Information Request # 1045 Information Request # 1046 Information Request # 1047 34 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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