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AUG 2013

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Right The bioswales, medians, sidewalk planters and pervious concrete pavement over structural soils on Deaderick Street combine to divert 1.2 million gallons of stormwater from going into the Cumberland River. Below This sidewalk planter includes liriope, boxwoods, hostas, oakleaf hydrangeas, hellebores, Coral Bells, overcup oaks. averaging 125 sq. ft. per tree. Sidewalk zones with a two percent cross-slope drain into linear rain gardens. Extensive 8-ft. wide root trenches for the trees are provided through a combination of the engineered soils in the rain gardens. Structural soils are capped with pervious concrete, allowing for trees and plantings to have long term viability, while also accommodating pedestrian traffic. The engineered soil goes to a depth of 4 feet in the bioswales. Infiltration rates far exceeded the required ½-inch per hour rate, negating the necessity for under drains for the bioswales. Pedestrian bulb outs at the intersections provide numerous functions: safer crossings for pedestrians; space for future retail kiosks; and infiltration bioswales. Within the bioswale bulb outs, existing storm drains were retrofitted with an overflow for major storm events. The north end of Deaderick Street had an existing slope of 7-8 percent. The velocity of stormwater flow presented a challenge. The dissipation for the water flow was accommodated by using a modified curb grate and concrete pavers insets at each curb cut. The incorporation of sustainability measures at every level truly makes Deaderick Street one of the Southeast's first green streets. Deaderick quickly has become a model for other new planned streets within the city. 68 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Project Team Client/Owner Metro Nashville Public Works Project Managers – Jim Snyder/Rick Kirkpatrick Design Team Hawkins Partners, Inc. – Landscape Architects Civic Engineering – Civil Engineer General Contractor Roy Goodwin Contractors Product/Manufacturer Information Signage Kiosk · Custom Kiosk, Forms + Surfaces Pedestrian Lighting · Light Column, Forms+Surfaces Street Lighting · Luminaire: Holophane Tear Drop · Pole: Valmont Pavers Median/Stormwater Baffle · Hanover Appian Prest Brick, Tumbled Finish

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